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NEPA's first BIPOC community focused magazine

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Prixmatic is a play on the word Prismatic. This magazine features a wide variety of content, much like a prism refracts light and creates a spectrum of colors. It includes articles on different subjects, interviews with diverse individuals, and a range of visuals and photography. This magazine is the prism and we are filtering through NEPA to show the vibrancy of the hidden gems (could be you!) that make up this great area.

Our Misson

It is our mission at Prixmatic to make sure that the voices, businesses, and talents of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in northeastern Pennsylvania are amplified and celebrated. As a society, we strive to create a platform on which marginalized communities can be exposed and represented. We also strive to highlight the diversity and richness of our region. We believe that diversity and inclusivity are vital for the growth and success of our community, and are committed to promoting equity and representation for all. Prixmatic is committed to always focusing on the BIPOC of the Northeastern Pennsylvania region.

*This project was supported by a Lackawanna County Community Arts and Culture Grant, a program of Lackawanna County Commissioners.

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