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Gina + Nick | Surprise Proposal at Francis Slocum | Wyoming, PA

Though a proposal is a prerequisite for almost every session I book (hey, I’m an engagement and wedding photographer, after all!), seldom am I present for the actual question popping! You can imagine my giddiness every time I get a call to photograph a proposal, then – I feel like I’m on a secret mission in the name of love!

My session with Gina and Nick started out with Nick reaching out to me to see if I’d be able to help him pull this off. (The answer to this is always yes, by the way). Then he explained how it was going to all go down: He was going to book a session with their dog, Leo (who is too handsome by the way). We set up a date and time and sent an invoice that would cover the "session".We started out with photos of them both and then with Leo. I had them with their back to each other and then, the moment arrived! I instruct them to turn and face each other...

When she turned around Nick went down on one knee and Gina was completely surprised, covered her face laughing and crying happy tears and said YES! Nick did such a good job of orchestrating this whole thing and keeping it a secret from Gina, which made for one of the most genuine and sweetest proposals! Not to mention the ring is gorgeous!

Congratulations to both of you, and so glad I was there to document this incredible moment!

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