Inclusive Language In The Wedding Industry

"Language shapes how we think."

It's 2019 and the english language is finally using terms to acknowledge those who don't fit the binary. It's high time that the wedding industry makes sure it's not alienating those folks as well. If you were to google wedding decorations or look up wedding vendors, you'll notice quite a bit only offer "Groom", Bride " or "Bridal party " in their products or contracts. As we know, folks have pronouns other than she/her and he/him and so our wedding language should be more inclusive.

I loved putting this post together for you because it features Dehaven Weddings ’s Wedding Inclusive Title Hanging Chair Signs from Dean Dehaven. I wanted to feature this particular product because I’ve seen it posted about on social media and was curious to learn more.

I did a brief question and answer session with them, and it was so fun to read through their answers. I think you’ll enjoy it, too! Here we go!

Business name: Dehaven Weddings

Owner name: Dean Dehaven