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Inclusive Language In The Wedding Industry | Interview

"Language shapes how we think."

It's 2019 and the english language is finally using terms to acknowledge those who don't fit the binary. It's high time that the wedding industry makes sure it's not alienating those folks as well. If you were to google wedding decorations or look up wedding vendors, you'll notice quite a bit only offer "Groom", Bride " or "Bridal party " in their products or contracts. As we know, folks have pronouns other than she/her and he/him and so our wedding language should be more inclusive.

I loved putting this post together for you because it features Dehaven Weddings ’s Wedding Inclusive Title Hanging Chair Signs from Dean Dehaven. I wanted to feature this particular product because I’ve seen it posted about on social media and was curious to learn more.

I did a brief question and answer session with them, and it was so fun to read through their answers. I think you’ll enjoy it, too! Here we go!

Business name: Dehaven Weddings

Owner name: Dean Dehaven



Q: What is name of the product?

A:Wedding Inclusive Title Hanging Chair Signs

Q: Who is this product ideal for

A: This product is ideal for engaged couples that do not fit the gender binary, who would like to have inclusive decorations at their wedding.

Q: What is the price range of this product?

A: The price is $21.75 for a pair of signs that the buyer chooses to their needs. Custom colors can always be discussed in a message!

Q: What are five words you’d use to describe this product?

A: Inclusive, Classy, Non-gendered, Romantic, and Ceremony Decorations

Q: What is unique about this product?

A: As far as I’ve seen, the wedding industry is very much gender focused in their products. I wanted to make sure that if I identified that way, I would have something to make my wedding special.

Q: Can you order this product online?

A: Yes, at my store

Q: What is the product made out of?

A: The 4x6 wooden sign is made from pine with black vinyl lettering and a jute rope hanger.

Q: What makes you passionate about this product, in general?

A: I have a lot of friends and people that I know who don’t fit the gender binary, and I got to thinking about how their weddings would look. Worried they wouldn’t have decorations to suit their needs, I did my research to find out how I could make standard decorations every wedding would have into inclusive ones.

Q: Would you say this product is popular? Is it difficult to keep in stock?

A:This sign is very new but throughout my shop down to the very first product I released, I have always made sure that everyone, regardless of gender expression or identity, could shop at my store.

Q: Do you think this product makes a good gift? If so, who would the ideal recipient be?

A: This product would make an excellent gift for a couple that is getting married. Of course you would have to give it to them before the wedding, but nonetheless I’m sure the marriers would appreciate it.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share about this product?

A: I’m definitely looking into making more styles for this type of chair hanging sign with the inclusive language of course. Perhaps in more colors and styles for different themes of weddings.

I asked Dean for two quotes. One for clients regarding inclusive language and what vendors can do for the non-binary. For vendors:

"Inclusive language is extremely important, not just as a wedding vendor, but in general. A person’s wedding is a tremendous experience that a person will remember for the rest of their life. It’s imperative that as a vendor, you change the standard or norm and make sure you are speaking for everyone and their wedding experience. Not only will you open your business up to more clients, but you will create a safe space for people who need it.

For clients:

"As a queer transman myself, I know the importance of inclusive language and respectful dialect in this community. I wanted to create a business that is built on the very values that I myself believe in, that everyone regardless of gender identity has the right to a perfect and magical wedding day free from judgement or uncertainty. Your wedding should be a safe space for you, your partner, and your guests and I am determined to make products that reflect that belief in hopes of changing other’s ideas about the typical wedding."

So there you have it. Everyone should be able to celebrate and feel the joy of their day like any other couple. As I strive to expand and grow my business to accommodate all clients, I encourage others to do so as well.

Extra perk!! Dehaven Weddings is running a giveaway. I highly encourage to to like, follow and participate. Here are the dates from Dehaven Weddings:

I am very pleased to say that I am holding a giveaway for marriers that don’t fit the gender binary! If selected, they will receive 4 different varying signs from the post on my instagram as well as a maximum of 100 personalized favor tags with their names and date on them. The whole package is valued over $100 and is a great help to decorate the couple’s big day, especially on a budget.

To enter: all you have to do is be following us, post a photo of you and yours on Instagram, and tell us why you would like to win. Tag our Instagram account @dehavenweddings in the photo and the description and you’re automatically entered! Winners will be picked November 30th at random out of a hat.

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