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Four Ways to Ditch the White Wedding Dress & Tuxedo

You’re glancing at Pinterest to get an idea of the “perfect dress” for your wedding. Or maybe your mother or soon to be mother-in-law is showing you photos of their wedding dress. Dress after becomes a blur of “Plain Jane” white chiffon, lace, and satin. Perhaps the nearest wedding boutique is suggesting the same tired black and white fiasco — to tuxedo or not to tuxedo? This is not what you envisioned for your special day and you’re dying to go the non-traditional, gender neutral, or fashion forward route.

Here are four ways you can break out of the white wedding dress and tuxedo mold and find a wedding day look that is truly YOU.

1. Opt for a Little Color

Don’t be afraid to don your favorite color, or to wear something other than the traditional white dress, or even matching colors in your tie or suit. Your attire should be as unique as you are and full of life. You could follow suit and take a cue from Amy and Aaron's wedding day look.  Not only was her dress a stunning jewel tone, but it also doubled as her something blue! It featured all the lovely details you’d find in a wedding dress like beads, lace, and a sweeping hemline. The metallic brooch she wore definitely popped along her waistline in this vintage styled dress. Aaron also wore a metallic brooch and chose colors for his tie and pocket square that complimented her blue dress. Search Etsy or scout your local boutiques to find that special one of a kind dress! Experiment a little with color and see where it may take you. The results could be the talk of the town!

2. Say Yes To The All-Gender Suit


As the tides change and more couples are opting to be comfortable, some have turned to skirts, jumpsuits, and my latest favorite — suits. No longer are they just for the men, but for all folks! Tailored to fit, one can ensure they will keep things classy, whether you party it up on the inside or go all out with colors, patterns or textures on the outside.

Feel free to drop the penguin act and jazz it up with some alternative shades and designs when it comes to your suit! Bindle & Keep offers a customized experience as well as encourages getting to know more about you and your identity in order to craft the perfect suit.

Looking for something for the feminine curves? Little Black Tux offers snazzy tuxedos for female bodied people looking to ditch the dresses and skirts. Can I just say how much I love that you can also make your look your something blue?!  If this is your avenue, here are some more fierce women in suits brought to you by HuffPost.

3. Lean into Your Culture’s Traditional Attire


Weddings are a wonderful opportunity to immerse your guests in not just your romance, but your culture. With the pressure to wear the usual white dress you see on catalogs and cake toppers some don’t take the opportunity to wear something culturally traditional. Charmi Pena, a wedding photographer in New Jersey and a Nikon Ambassador (#teamNIKON), beautifully documents nuptials where the couple’s culture is celebrated. For instance, for the couple pictured above, the bride is in a Lehenga, a traditional indian bridal trousseau.

We love to see traditional looks on the wedding day. Some Scottish groomsmen will wear kilts of their clan, while a couple from an African country may have their own culturally significant colors and patterns that are a part of their attire. Curious about the traditional looks of other cultures? Peek this article by Bored Panda for some examples of other traditional wedding outfits around the world.

4. Try a Jumpsuit or Wedding Separates

Not ready to ditch the white? Be sure to read Vanessa Londono’s article for more inspiration on pantsuits and wedding separates. At the end of the day, no matter which way you to choose to go, you should always feel comfortable and true to yourself. It’s about you and your loved one, not maintaining the societal norm or dressing to meet the standards of your guests (this is a topic to be covered another time). I mean, you could be adventurous and have everyone show up in costumes or pjs...what’s stopping you?

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