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Culinary Experience with Calla Catering | Interview

Filet Mignon
Via Calla Catering Facebook Page

Having a good relationship with other vendors establishes trust and can help make sure your day runs smoothly. From time to time I like gaining some insight from other vendors to pass on to my wedding couples. It doesn't hurt to toss in a referral here or there either! I had an opportunity to chat with Linda Dostie from Calla Catering about the # 1 question couples always ask, how couples can choose their caterer, vendor meals and more!

Linda Dostie is the Event Sales Manager for Calla Catering and Events.

Calla Catering and Events has been in business since 2017 and is located in Natick, MA.


Question 1: What is the number one questions Calla gets all the time?

LD: We are an off-premise, full-service caterer, so we aren't at one venue 24/7. We have a lot of spaces that we work at frequently, but we can be in a different place every day in the summer time! As this, guest count, and specific menu selections can impact the pricing total, it is hard to give a definite "this is how much it is going to cost."

When looking at a caterer, I always suggest not looking at the price, but what is the VALUE of that dollar? For example, we have been compared to a catering company before that ONLY provided food in their quote. The client shared with us the quote and said, "Why is this pricing so different? Your proposal is way higher!" Yes, our proposal was higher, but we included food, staffing, bar staffing, rentals, fees, permits, taxes, and suggested gratuities all up front in that initial proposal so that there were no surprises when they signed their contract! So, when comparing us to that other caterer, it really wasn't apples to apples a fair comparison when seeing all that we included in our pricing. ALWAYS look at exactly what each vendor is providing!

Question 2: When choosing a caterer, if a couple has narrowed down a few within their price range and really looking to select "the one" what are some questions that couples can think about to set them apart?LD: I am a big proponent of it is feels right, then it is right. We always ask leads that end up moving forward with another caterer what their deciding factor was so that we can stay competitive in the catering market. It varies, and most of the time the biggest factor is budget - this is important and we absolutely respect that! The majority of our clients who move forward with us do so because 1) they love our menu offerings, and 2) they felt comfortable working with us because of the services we offer, the atte