"Adopt, Don't Shop!" | Photo Series + Donation

The holiday season is quickly approaching! This means all of the decorating and tree buying and...GIFTS!

My gift this Christmas is to help find as many pets a forever home as possible. And I'd like to

do that with your help. Have you adopted or rescued a pet? Help me encourage others to do so with a photo session of you and furry family member(s)! Each 30 minute session at a location of your choice is $50, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to a rescue. You will receive a a special token of gratitude for your donation and participating in my photo series. Pets enter our lives when we need them and as much as when they need us. Help me help them and book a session today and share your story. I've shared a little bit about my adopted loves below!

Share this blog post with someone you know would love to participate! Someone is looking for the perfect pet and perfect pet is looking for their forever home!

Here is a photo of my first adopted cat, Jasmine, a beautiful short haired tabby( pre DSLR days). I adopted her with her twin sister, Jade, when they were wee kittens. She loved bows and was a very playful cat. She lived a happy 2 years and passed in 2012.

Here is a photo of Anubis, a Russian Blue and Bengal mix who is also adopted. This spunky handsome cat has brought me much comfort and companionship after my loss of Jasmine. I adopted him from a farmer who couldn't keep many more kitties on their property and he was the runt of the last litter. I remember bringing him home and he saw his reflection for the first time and