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Turning 1...

What? A year has passed already?! I guess so. A year ago (yesterday), I set out to register and license my business with New Castle County and the State of Delaware. Nervous and excited with my DBA (Doing Business As) and a copy of logo in hand, I was prepared to sell that I meant serious business. For my business. That...was the easy part.

This past year has taught me so much and I have to say a big part of it I owe to Marisa Taylor of

Marisa Taylor Photography. She rocks in every way possible! Moving away from music into a more controlled environment opened my eyes to learning about natural lighting, posing and interacting with people personally. That last part there I believe is the most important and a difference from the quick snaps you receive in the mall and someone who's dedicated to working through every detail with you. Plus, I get to add in a little magic of my own sometimes and that's a great feeling.

Everything from gorgeous mom's to be, to the squishy babies, to tearing up at my first wedding, which also happened to have two beautiful blushing brides. Love it. I also love the not so great moments, such as experiencing the slow season, falling behind on Project 52 (it will make a come back!) struggling with SEO and some other not so interesting things. However, with those moments come lessons and I'm glad I haven't given into those frustrating moments. Moving forward, I honestly say I look forward to more of those lessons! I look forward to more adorable couples and tissue moment weddings. I look forward to more annoying quarterly taxes and feeding my prop shop addictions. I look forward to doing more of what I love. I look forward to capturing you!

So how am I celebrating? I haven't figured that one out just yet...but I'm excited. Join me as my business turns one! I can't wait to share all the projects I have been working on in secret! OOPS...well...there goes the surprise. Thank you to my friends, my family and my clients for their support through the first year.