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Location Feature | Longwood Gardens

What joy this place is! Most of this year I have been visiting Longwood Gardens, located in Kennett Square, PA, mostly for maternity sessions. This place is great for photos whether they are maternity, couple, engagement, a small family session or just to wander around taking in the scenes. Not only are the staff friendly but the grounds themselves are just breathtaking and always changing.

Founded by Pierre S. du Pont, Longwood Gardens was originally filled with displays inspired from around his travels, especially in the conservatory. A few popular areas to photograph are on the grounds to the right when you enter the garden including fountains, walls and garden stairs. The green archways that grace a small flight of stairs or the brick archway at the end of the Flower Garden drive lined by thujas hedge, which makes for a beautiful backdrop itself.

Nearby is the wisteria Garden, when in bloom the white and purple wisteria vines grow and cascade down from the heavy wooden Arbor. Continuing down the path is the Canopy Cathedral Treehouse across from the Large Lake. It is a stunning two-story house influenced by a Norwegian Church. The balcony on the inside is parallel to the cross-hatch window. The glowing light from behind would be a gorgeous touch to any portrait.

Tucked away near the west end of the Large Lake towards Pierce's Woods is the Garden Folly. With the stone columns and black wrought iron roof that has elegant scroll work, it adds a touch of whimsy amongst the flowering bushes. Exploring the rest of the garden there are plenty of fountains, staircases adorned with rows of flowers and an a bridge that has been a popular spot for many of the moms to be.

Definitely much to see leading up to the pièce de résistance: the conservatory. Tropical terrace, hanging blooms and towers in the main conservatory (currently featuring the Chrysanthemum Festival) reflecting pools,fountains and the desert landscape in the Silver garden, just to mention a few highlights within.

What I love about Longwood Gardens is not just the great backgrounds for photos but it's very peaceful and very educational with the nursery and available programs. So once you're done with a session, take advantage of the admission and wander around! You won't be disappointed.