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10 Ways to Stay Cool For Outdoor Photo Sessions


Fall may be right around the corner but the summer heat isn't done with us yet. Summer is a great time of year to schedule photo sessions for some. Children are off from school and it's a common time of year for vacation. The summer time is also great for bright photos just about anywhere from the beach to the park. These tips can work for photographers, their clients or if you're just taking an outdoor trip!


Take into account the time of day you will be taking photos. Early morning is a great time of day for photos during the summer because it is the coolest part of the day and less people around. Later afternoon (about after 3pm) is also a good time since between 1-3pm is when heat peaks. Try to schedule around what works for you.


Putting your water bottle in the freezer before hand will ensure chilled water for a good part of your day. Not a fan of plain water? Don't reach for sugary drinks, soda or coffee! There are plenty of infused water options to keep you hydrated and full of flavorful. Tasty Yummies is my go to for infused water recipes.


Consider bright colors, flowy skirts, loose pants and light shirts that allow air to move about your body. Linen and cotton are great examples of breathable fabric. Don't forget to let your feet breathe as well. Wear sandals or just go barefoot! Stay away from hats that will trap heat and maybe opt for fashionable hat or consider a comfortable hairstyle.

Keeping the hair up or short and away from the neck will help keep you cool. It's worth getting a haircut the day before the shoot or look into ways to keep your hair from falling victim to humidity and the summer sun. Garnier Fructis Style Full Control Anti-Humidity Spray with Bamboo Extract is my favorite go-to.

Keep makeup light or go natural if you can. Consult a makeup artist for tips and products best suited to survive the day and keep your skin happy at the same time.


Sunscreen is a must if you are going to be outside! In addition to covering your body with clothing, sunscreen will help keep you from sunburn and over-exposure. Look into SPF and which best suits your needs. There are BB creams with sun protections. Maybelline New York Dream Fresh 8-in-1 BB Cream is a personal favorite.

Don't forget about the kids too! If planning to be by water, be sure to grab one that is waterproof, colorless and not oily in appearance.


Not only can bright colors, long sleeves and pants protect you from bugs but consider insect repellent, battery operated candles with citronella or any natural alternatives. Avoid perfume that will attract bees and always carry first aid in the event of a bit or sting. Be aware of your surrounds, stay away from boggy areas, standing water or hives and be careful leaving anything out that will attract insects.


Never a bad idea to consider packing a small cooler with drinks and treats to keep you refreshed and full. There are a number of fruits and veggies, like cucumbers and watermelon, that are packed with water. Frozen fruit pieces can make a nice cool snack. Pack light (leafy or fruit) salads or homemade fruit pops. I enjoy Outshine and My Sweet Mission has an interesting "copycat" strawberry recipe. Stay away from anything fried, fatty or salty. Health has a great list of the 17 worst and best summer foods.


Find it and try to stay in the shade if possible. This can be difficult for locations like wide open parks and beaches. Never fear! Plan ahead and bring a parasol to provide shade of your own. If permitted in the area, maybe even a small canopy set up.


Spray bottle with water or a cheap little operated fan will come in handy. While it may not work on a large scale for coolness, it can provide relief from the heat. Best to use during a break for a cool down period if needed.

TIP #9: S.O.S

Keep in mind the effects heat can have on small children, the elderly and our furry friends. If possible, it may be best to leave pets at home. Make sure you can spot the warning signs for heat exhaustion and heat stroke which can include:

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

  • Dizziness

  • Fainting

  • Flushed

Consult your PCP if you have any heat related issues or concerns.

TIP #10: A/C

Enjoy the cool blast of your A/C in your car if you are able before the session. It will keep everyone cool, happy and comfortable before hand. If there are no places to set up for a break from the heat, consider your vehicle if it is close by.

I hope you find these tips helpful and please be sure to share by linking to this article.

What are ways you have found to beat the heat this summer? Would love to hear your own tips and suggestions!


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