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Ari | Panama Girl

I've heard some horror stories with mini session and they were pretty off putting. Some rushing to take pictures in the certain time frame and it just not going right. Once you get into them though, there are just so much fun! Despite all the hard work that goes into planning, it always pays off in the end. Even when things don't go as planned.

I recently traveled to Brooklyn in New York for a mini session on July 10th. We had originally planned to do the photos outside in the large park behind their home. The original theme was something simple like books she enjoyed reading out on a blanket. It ended up being switched to an indoor session and had Ari dressed in a modern Pollera, from Panama. I love being involved in anything that deals with culture. Especially Panama!

The Pollera is an adaptation of the original gypsy dress from Spain during the conquest of Peru and brought over by the colonial families. The lavish attire was not suited from the tropical weather and the servant garb, white cotton, was changed to be more presentable and upgraded with colored lace and embroidery. The dress normally consists of a blouse and a two tiered long skirt (polleron). Over time, hair adornments (gold curved comb called ‘peinetas” and beaded flower accessory called “tembleque”) and gold jewelry made its way into public view. The gold head pieces were placed around the head, mimicking a halo. The name tembleque comes from the fact they tremble with movement while dancing. The main chain around the neck is a long, Flat Chain with usually a cross hanging from it at mid-chest. The earrings, also gold, are set with pearls and precious stones. The shoes worn with the dress are made out of velvet and heel-less. The pollera is a the national dress for Panama and mainly worn during festivals and certain celebrations. What I found interesting was girls and women only wear two in their lifetime: one before age 16 and the other at adulthood.

This is my favorite photo of her.

While there are many photos of her smiling, I found this classic profile of her to be interesting. Something about the seriousness of a 2 year old makes them seem a little older than they really are.

While we were close to her nap time, Ari did a great job and was happy to capture these images of her. I really loved the drum and the red velvet shoes she wore. It overall made me feel closer to Panama. I am thrilled to have shared this experience and look forward to returning for her 3rd birthday! Interested in following along for more session posts? Join the mailing list and catch the next post!

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