10 Looks From Real Weddings You'll Love

It’s wedding season!

Like most people, we glance at weddings that have passed for inspiration. Whether it be a theme, color scheme, or just window shopping a cake design, the old sparks the new. There is a ton of styled shoots that try to cram as many in-season trends as much as possible. I won’t be sharing any of those with you today. What comes next are weddings from different kinds of people in different areas, both international and national. So here we are, taking a look at some of my favorite REAL weddings for some nuptial fashion pizazz!

Photographed by: Apollo Fotografie

1. A Gold + Wine Lutheran Wedding in Los Altos, CA: Alexis + Tasha

The color combination selected for this wedding is a classy one with a regal feel. Alexis’s suit,   a beautiful deep wine tailored at Park Place Vintage in Willow Glen, and ordered from Statement Italy was highlighted by a touch of blue in the bowtie and the handkerchief. Tasha complimented the wine with her Maggie Sottero champagne dress with light gold lace from Trudy’s Bridal in Campbell. The lace detail along the train of her dress is royal and the entire ensemble is accented with a gem-encrusted belt along her waist.  These colors are usually ideal for a fall wedding, as deep, rich tones match the falling leaves. What a perfect balance for these two love birds on their big day.

Photographed by: Evan and Laura Fait

2. An Intimate Southwestern Love Celebration: Emily + Billy 

If you wanted a little more gold inspiration, here you have it. Emily’s gorgeous dress is detailed with gold lace all the way from the collar to the hem of her dress. It comes right up to her calves as it falls away from her waist into a full skirt. The sweetheart neckline is perfect to enhance the curves and balance out the silhouette. It’s a lovely step away from the classic wedding dress, especially for this very intimate, handcrafted style of wedding. How rustic!

Photographed by: Wild Connections Photography

3. An Austrian Museum Wedding: Elissa + Ralf

 Last gold one, I promise! This is something you probably won’t just find in any store. The dress Elissa wore on her wedding day was her great-grandmother’s dress from the 1920a. Adorned in gold and black, the vintage style dress certainly embodied the roaring 20s. If you had to think of Gatsby for this wedding, you would be absolutely right! Elissa paired the dress with a black lace headband, fur coat, and gold accessories. Timeless to say the least.

Photographed by: Shannon Griffin Photography

4. A St. Augustine Wedding: Allie + Ywanarai 

That vibrant purple on Ywanarai’s tuxedo jacket is so velvet goodness. Simply decorated with a boutonniere, adding texture and not just color or prints can make your wedding day look really stand out. It adds contrast to Allie’s BHLDN lace and tulle white dress. The top scallops along the front and back, gathering at the top of the skirt with a bow.

Photographed by Fuck Yeah Weddings

5. Fuck Yeah Weddings Uses Photography to Rethink Gender and Weddings

Your day should be about you and the one your love. Your outfits should be just as unique as you are! Take Andrea and Leigh for example their dresses don’t match and are expressive of who they are individually and still look great together. Not your average gown, Leigh’s silky satin orange dipped Chrissy Wai Ching Catalan dress really pops against her biker jacket. The hem is rolled and the top is a stretchy silk halter. Andrea flows next to her in a stunning white  BHLDN dress with a floral lace design on the top. With a low back, the dress cascades into layers upon layers of tulle. Certainly not your cliche wedding twosome, they remind us to be our trustiest self down to the last stitch.

Photographed by Honey and The Moon

6. Living In London, Married In Ireland: Jon + Donal

Like birds of a feather, these matching suits are super stylish and sleek. Jon and Donal planned to match up to the details being sure that they added their own individuality to their looks. The black was the ground color for the entire wedding party and accented with the deep burgundy ties, blue-gray vests and matching rose gold cufflinks. Even the boutonnieres reflected these colors as they are donned on their jackets. Love has never looked so well coordinated. 

Photographed by: Honey and The Moon

7. A Relaxed, Intimate Wedding in Richmond, VA: Erin + Stephan

Floral. Floral prints all around! These two are just adorable with their chosen attire for their day. They literally matched each other down to the printed ties and boutonniere, with the only difference being the lie bars as Erin wore gold and Stephan wore silver. Seeing a couple matching casually all the way down to the details is surely a cute and refreshing take. Goes to show you floral prints work on a suit, a tie, down to your socks if you really care for it. The colors are a nice blend of orange, red and white...certainly gives you a fall kind of vibe. Virginia is certainly for lovers. 

Photographed by: Amber Robinson

8. A Glam Wedding in Riverwalk, SC: Dana + TJ

This duo is the epitome of a glam wedding. Dana’s white Natt Taylor Bridal dress you see above, with the detailed “faux” cutouts, was covered with an overskirt during the ceremony. Once the reception hit, she shed that skirt like a caterpillar emerging in this beautiful long evening gown. TJ switched from his formal white jacket to a dazzling black and gold (yep, there it is again) tuxedo jacket. You can feel the magnetism of their outfits just from glancing at the image. 

9. Versace Elopement: Ethan + Ricky

How do you go about your wedding day looking like a magazine model? These two certainly figured that one out.  This is a new one as I have yet to see a groom pull out the stops in the fully patterned suit as lovely as this pink floral Versace suit with a white shirt. As loud as it is, this is a relatively clean look fit for a sunny summer day  Ricky’s husband, Ethan complimented not only by choosing a nice dark blue reflected in the suit but a tie to match the pattern of said suit.  If this is any testimony to how they mesh in each other’s lives, it's loud and clear. To top it off, he has a gold leaf tiara (gold really does go with everything). If you are looking to shake things up a bit, take a page out of their book instead of opting for the usually same dog and pony show. 

10. A Small, Intimate Wedding: Katrina + Stephen

Bright and cheerful are the colors of spring. As was the attire for Katrina and Stephen’s wedding day in Delaware. There is the velvet, the glamorous, the floral, and why not pastel! Stephen’s suit embodies the feelings of spring with his light periwinkle suit accompanied by blooming pink socks and a dark blue/pink polka dot tie. Solids and patterns make a fun mix to bring multiple colors together. And oh my, Katrina's off-the-shoulder, sweetheart cut wedding dress! A Lacey bodice that flows into a mermaid tail skirt makes for a curvaceous but classy look.  

So there you have it! 10 real weddings with just a bit of everything. Be sure to check out each post by clicking on the title to get the full effect of their day. Love is in the air and no two weddings are the same. 

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