Engaged Couple

Engagement Session Guide

Congratulations on your engagement! I'll let you in on a secret: this is one of the fun parts! This is a great opportunity for you two to get comfortable having your photo taken by me and get a feel for one another. I wouldn't want the first time you see my camera to be at your wedding! Engagement sessions are a fantastic way to understand how you are as a couple, your story and how I can share it in a way that is authentic and genuine.  This also allows you to get to know me and how I work as a photographer for your wedding day (hopefully you booked me!) .

I'm here to help you with outfits and a location that best portrays you as a couple. Please, don't be afraid to put your own spin and creative touch on this session, after all it's celebrating you two! Some clients love to have a themed session and I am all for it (I'm also pet friendly)! Usually one or two locations are chose (preferable near each other to minimize travel time) and up to two outfits. Sessions can go from one to two hours but time flies when you're having fun. I like to keep things pretty simple, candid and fun! And also take amazing photos of amazing people! 

What to expect?

I am to make photos that are a rue reflection who you are and the love you have for each other. I want you to look at the photos and feel something. The best shots happen when sweethearts are less focused on my camera or what's going around them.  I love it when couples feel comfortable enough to keep each other smiling and expressing themselves. This is what makes each of the sessions unique: they are not posed and modeled to feel like love...they are in love. I'll be sure to fix anything that may be out of place or a hand in an awkward position. All you have to do is be you!


What to wear?

Lots of couples fret over this and as long as you are prepared, you can have fun with this too! Just a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wear something that you are comfortable in

  • Wear something that gives you confidence and makes you feel pretty

  • Keep it simple

Maybe you've been eyeing that new dress in the window at your favorite boutique or a button down you know you look absolutely handsome in. This is your moment to shine! Be sure to stay away from being too matching and think of a 3-4 color palette that compliments one another.  Be sure that you try on your outfits and that you love the way you look! Be sure to plan ahead at least a week before your session so you aren't rushing to throw something together. 

Here are a few things to avoid:

  • Heavy make up - if you need professional hair or make up recommendations, please let me know

  • Shoes that are uncomfortable/difficult to walk in - depending on location you may need to get up and down without difficulty

  • Loads of accessories - add a little flare but don't let it be a distraction

  • Anything with straps or hanging bits - this can be a nuisance or awkward to reposition 

  • Shirts with logos/emblems - Stay away from anything distracting

  • Polos or baggy button-up shirts - pick something dressed up than your normal casual attire

  • Cargo shorts/pants - these can be constricting or distracting with all the pockets. Opt for dark jeans or solid pants

  • Baseball/Fitted hats - This hides your face and can create a shadow, leave it behind

Be sure to pamper yourself if you feel so inclined. You want to look and feel your best! when your having photos taken. Treat yourself to getting your hair done and maybe a mani/pedi.  If you're overdue for a trim, be sure to get a haircut or your beard maintained a day or two prior to your session.

A few more tips:

  • Stay away from overly light colors or pastels, solid black, neons, shiny fabrics and distracting patterns

  • Highly suggest no fake tans

  • Don't be afraid to mix and match

  • Dress to impress - this is a special occasion, like date night but a little more special

  • Have fun!

Planning on a Save-The-Date photo? Props can be fun and creative, without going over board. If you need help figuring out something to tie into your session please let me know! 

Location, Location, Location!


This is one of the most important details of your Engagement Session. It's best to keep in mind how private the location is. The least amount of distractions allows for a more intimate setting and for you to close and comfortable with each other. Given to location of NEPA, there are a ton of hidden treasures and lots of open spaces (orchards, state parks, etc).  Keep in mind depending on how you want your session to go, some common locations like a local park or downtown area may or may not be well suited for your session.  If you need a few suggestions, I do have a list of locations I heart, but I love leaving the option open to couples as there may be a place of significance to the both of you. I want the location to fit who you both are as a couple. Here are a few tips when deciding on a location:

  • What inspires you as a couple?

  • Is there a place of significance for the two of you?

  • Any location unique to your interests or hobbies?

Above all, remember to have fun! I hope the information in this guide will help you prepare for your session.  I can't wait to create some fun and loving photos with you!